Herbal Libations and Wild Bites

An evening social of unusual delights!
presented by
Suzanne Elliott, Herbalist

Saturday, October 26th, 5-7pm

Sip and savor an eclectic array of original handcrafted herbal cocktails and an assortment of Autumn inspired wild bites Enjoy tidbits of history while you mix, mingle, and imbibe in this old-style storefront build in the 1900’s. In the mood? Wear your vintage attire!

~ Join us at ~

The Moss Beach Social Club
887 Etheldore Street, Moss Beach
(corner of Sunshine Valley Road and Etheldore)

Tickets are $48:

Sample Menu

Autumn-Inspired Wild Bites
Our unique menu is designed according to the seasonal ingredients available this time of year. Fruits, vegetables, and seeds are sourced from local gardens and open spaces. This is a sampling and subject to change.

(g) gluten-free / (d) dairy-free

Nasturtium Flowers Stuffed with Caramelized Pumpkin Bites (g)(d)
Organic pumpkin, roasted in maple syrup, herbs, and spices tucked into a zesty nasturtium blossom

Baguette with Herbed Brown Butter
Organic butter flavored with an assortment of edible flowers and fragrant herbs spread on slices of organic whole wheat bread

Potatoes Topped with Cheese and Wild Mustard (g)
Mini organic potato halves topped with a lively homemade wild mustard condiment with organic Irish cheddar cheese melted on top

Wild Seed Crackers and Home-Cured Wild Salmon
Homemade crackers made with an assortment of wildcrafted seeds, layered with home-cured wild caught salmon, and herby cultured cream cheese

Squash and White Bean Dip with Wildings (g)(d)
Organic roasted Autumn squash and white beans blended with wild edibles and garden herbs

Glazed Pecans (g)(d)
Beautiful pecans from a friend’s farm in Texas, glazed in organic brown sugar and seasoned with rosemary, wild California sage, spices, sea salt and black pepper

Glazed Almonds with Wild Fennel Seeds
California almonds baked in organic brown sugar, spiced with wild fennel seed, chili flakes and sea salt

Baked Brie (g)
Brie topped with homemade Lemon Marmalade made from homegrown Meyer lemons, fresh thyme, sprinkled with organic pumpkin seeds, and lightly baked

Apple Cakelettes (g)(d)
A spiced mini cake studded with homegrown vintage apples and laced with a Meyer lemon glaze

Herbal Libations

Prosecco laced with a luscious handcrafted Elderberry Cordial

Apple Sassy
Bourbon on the rocks with a dose of homemade spiced sassafras syrup, a splash of fresh pressed apple juice, garnished with a candied apple slice

Pagan Brew
An Autumn inspired handcrafted beer flavored with wild coast herbs

Wild Fennel and Honey Sparkle
Sparkling water spiked with homemade liqueur made from wild fennel seed, flowers, leaves, and lightly sweetened with Moss Beach honey

Figgy Brandy
Brandy richly infused with dried organic figs and an array of exotic spices

confetti butter

wild pagan brews

wild seeds

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