Herbal Ways For Women

A "Hands-On" Learning Series
with Suzanne Elliott, Master Herbalist and Health Educator
March ~ October

Please note: The 2024 series is full. The information below is for the 2025 series.

This comprehensive eight-month course, one Sunday per month, offers an experiential, hands-on approach and an in-depth study of everything herbal! Subject matters will reflect the seasons with an emphasis on the integration of herbs in daily life and using food as medicine.

suzanne elliottJourney into the fascinating world of herbs and the way of the herbalist! On your adventure meet many plant allies, hear their stories, and gather valuable knowledge that will sustain and enrich your life for years to come.

Throughout time, plants have played a vital role in sustaining women’s lives and for thousands of years, the ancient art of herbalism has been practiced by cultures worldwide. Herb lore has been passed on through generations from mother to daughter, and this empirical knowledge has stood the test of time.

The practice of using herbs and spices as a culinary and medicine has a rich and textured history, and we easily take for granted the abundance in which we acquire them in these modern times. Basics like salt and pepper were considered the equivalent of rent, and cinnamon and cloves were equally valued. Even today, many herbs are still held sacred and are used for protection and divinity.

Learn the many ways to employ these healing herbs to improve health, increase vitality, and strengthen, sustain, and heal your body. Working with these amazing plants will bring you wonder and delight!

Please note:

  • Students must be at least 18 years of age to participate in Herbal Ways for Women
  • Students must be able to comfortably walk one-mile roundtrip and navigate moderate inclines
  • All workshops run from 9am to 3pm

Planned program dates for 2025:

March 2
April 6
May 4
June 1

July 6
August 3
September 7
October 5

Course Details

HWW is a culmination of decades of dedication, personal experience teaching, and working closely with herbs. This course has been thoughtfully and carefully designed for the student to gain a better understanding and serves as a guide for building a foundation in the study of herbology. Through this experiential process, gain a deeper connection, awareness, and appreciation for the natural environment of which we are an integral part. Acquire new skills of self-reliance, an extensive repertoire of recipes, and healing techniques that you can use for self-care, and for family and friends.

Discover how much fun it can be while learning how to incorporate healing herbs into your everyday life!

Course Syllabus

Compendium of Medicinal Plants
A comprehensive study of important plants in herbology, consisting of a treasure-trove of specific herbs, spices, and local native plants.

Herb Walks
Venture outdoors on a mini-adventure to learn identification and practical uses of wild edibles, medicinals, and California natives all growing in our local coastal areas.

Wild Foods Cooking and Herb Garden Gastronomy
From local fields we will learn how to gather and prepare wild edibles for making an assortment of delicious gourmet “wild” meals as well as, creating new and unsual foods using edible flowers and herbs from my cottage garden.

Botanical Skin Care
Make an array of lovely skin care products and learn the art of giving yourself a natural facial at home. Steaming botanicals, scrubs, masks, and oils, all which will provide the ingredients for a day of relaxation with each student enjoying a decadent herbal facial!

Herbal Medicine Making
Detailed instruction for making your own herbal medicines tailored to reflect specific needs. Some of which includes: Tinctures, herbal pills, syrups, medicinal tea blends, brews, healing salves, and herbal liniments.

Women’s Health
Study of the specific herbs and their therapeutic uses for balancing and supporting the female system. Includes recipes of formulas for making teas, tinctures, and healing medicinal foods.

Herbs for Longevity and Vitality
Examine the herbal formulas and foods that increase energy, build immunity, and strengthen the body systems.

Herbal Remedies for Fall and Winter Health
Invaluable and concise information, recipes, and detailed guidelines for making and using a variety of kitchen home remedies for support during the cold/flu season.

Herbal Crafts
Make handmade and unique smudge sticks, colorful garden vinegars, dream pillows, and other magical creations!

Herbal Vocabulary
A glossary of traditional terms used to describe the actions and properties of herbs used in Western herbal medicine.

Historical Uses of Plants
Included in our studies, interesting and insightful tales of the many roles herbs have played throughout history.

A prerequisite for learning, a basket full of fun will be included in each class, all while making new friends!

Each workshop is an all-inclusive experiential learning opportunity!

  • Materials for wares made in class to take home.
  • Beverages, snacks, and delicious vegetarian meals include gluten-free and dairy-free options. In many classes, lunch is part of the curriculum.
  • Handouts with recipes and subject information. Upon completion, each student will have compiled a comprehensive and "one of a kind" handbook of herbology.
  • Our classroom will be the local coastal open spaces and, of course, my cozy cottage and delightful herb garden.
  • Our teachers will be the plants with a little help from me!

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