Beautiful Botanicals Facial Workshop

Presented by Suzanne Elliott, Herbalist

Date and time: Sunday, May 19th, 1pm to 4pm

Location: Woodsorrel Cottage Garden, 649 The Alameda in El Granada

Price: $125 includes delicious cottage garden tea and delectable herbal snacks, take home recipes, and the many wonderful goods made in class.

Join me for a lovely afternoon of relaxation and rejuvenation, enjoying a decadent herbal facial for your body and soul! We will learn to make a fabulous array of lovely skin care products and the art of giving one’s self a natural facial at home!

  • A cauldron filled with assorted herbs and flowers gathered from my cottage garden will be our sweet smelling and healing facial steam
  • A soothing floral scrub and a luscious flower infused honey mask
  • Finish with a soothing lavender vinegar water, delicate moisturizing floral oil and a ruby red lip balm leaving your skin glowing and refreshed

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